Friends of GunIQ Benefits

Below is a description of the Friends of GunIQ (FOGIQ) product that is available in the store. Click here. The list of benefits for FOGIQ include:


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$10.00 (Until April 1, 2016)

At GunIQ, we are neither liberals nor conservatives. We decide each issue on its merits and we vote for candidates on the basis of skill, character, and leadership. One issue that is non-negotiable is the right of self defense. The analysis is simple. No one can better protect you or me than you or me. Period. If you agree, please read on.

Presently, there is a threat to our safety arising from an increasingly troubled world. As the Cold War concluded in 1990, one new threat, among others, emerged in the form of terrorism. Our focus on terrorism rises and falls with each passing year, but the overall trend is on the rise. Have you noticed? Recent events may appear isolated, but we don’t know. We don’t need to know.

What we need to do is apply some simple “what if” to the situation. Our options range from doing nothing and trusting that things will work out for the best, on one hand, or to completely prepare ourselves for anything that may comes next. Or do something in between.

We’re also not preppers at GunIQ. But we follow the recommendations of Homeland Security, which requires substantial preparation. (See them here: We do believe, however, in leading a sensible life and in arming ourselves lawfully.

With this post, we are creating a group within those reading our posts and taking our classes called Friends of GunIQ. A Gold charter membership is available until April 1, 2016. It is a group to be joined for the purpose of advancing, protecting, and perfecting our right of self defense. The cost is presently $10 annually. (On April 1, 2016, the Gold FOGIQ will increase to $45). If you have taken a class with GunIQ in the last year, you will automatically be a member at the Bronze level at no charge. If you have not taken a class, with GunIQ, you may either sign up for a class for the Bronze level or sign up here for the Gold level. See the differences on the Blog here.

GunIQ is growing rapidly. You can be sure that the FOGIQ benefits will increase with time. Now is the best time to join.