GunIQ Reviews


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If you have given us a review following one of our classes, thanks greatly. Here’s a sampling.

Garfield K.

Hello to everyone. I took the ccw class over the weekend and to be perfectly honest with you, it was one of the best classes I have been through in years. This class is not only educational it is very informative and should be taken by anyone who is contemplating the prospect of owning a weapon of any kind. Whether an individual is interested in a CCW or just looking to enhance their knowledge of firearms and the responsibility one automatically inherits with gun ownership, this class is worth its weight in gold. If you are interested in learning about firearms, gun safety, legality, personal protection or the ccw then you owe it to yourself to check out this class. Good luck to everyone and thanks to Gary for the time and care he has given to everyone.

Jeff K.

First off, I let my ccw expire and dreaded the thought of having to retake the course. My first experience back in 2008 was like having teeth pulled without novocaine.

I thought I’d surprise my fiance and signed us up for the class. We arrived for the class and I was apprehensive to say the least. What a pleasant surprise it was to be involved in a well organized, interesting class. Whether you’ve been involved with firearms for a long time or you’re brand new you’ll find this class valuable.
If you’re interested in a ccw or one of the other classes he offers you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom line…We enjoyed the the class immensely and I’d highly recommend GunIQ.

George L.

A very long day of instruction taught by a boring instructor was something I was expecting when I signed up for Gary’s November 29th CCW class. I am very happy to report that my expectations were not met! Along with being extremely knowledgeable and qualified, Gary is very personable and has a way of making you feel like he is more like your best friend talking to you rather than as an instructor teaching you. I was surprised, and a bit sorry, that the class went by so quickly. Would I recommend taking the Gun IQ LLC CCW class? YES! If it were possible to give a rating higher than 5 stars I would gladly give it.

Brandi J.

My husband and I took this class!

The amount of knowledge that Gary has about guns and the laws that go with there use is astounding.

I was very comfortable and left qualified and much more confident about shooting and cleaning my hand gun.I look forward to taking some of the other classes that he offers, as well as referring my family and friends.

Andrew P.

I took the December 5th class. It was great! I was worried about the 6 hours of class instruction being long and boring. Not at all!! In fact I was kinda bummed out when it ended I could have listened to Gary for another 6 hours. Gary has a ton of knowledge because of his background. The patience and ton of knowledge he has and the extra time he spends with the unexperienced in the class makes this class great for everyone. I would recommend his class to anyone who is looking to defend themselves.

Susan Z.

Just finished the CCW course offered. It was an excellent and informative class. You’ll learn a lot and Gary is an excellent instructor. He explains everything so everyone at all levels understands. Looking forward to taking more classes from him.

Ryan N.

Took our CCW class today. Although it was a larger class the information was thorough and instructor was able to give individual attention to each student. I have shot my fair amount of firearms but walked away with a few new things. The law portion of the class was great an ran through many different senerio. We did have a few less experienced people but by the end of the class they were shooting like pros. Definitely would recommend this class for anyone no matter experience level. Great job and thanks for a wonderful class.

Dean G.

I’m a U.S. Army vet and a former police officer. I’ve been to the shooting range hundreds of times and went to many classes with many different instructors. This class is the best of the best,. a true professional. The thing that impressed me the most is the instructor wasn’t stuck on himself, his objective was to get the information to the student and he did it very well. I highly recommend this class. If you never touched a firearm before, this is what you need. If you’re experience as I am, this is a nice refresher course.

Troy S.

Ive been a shooter for almost 40 years and learned quite a bit in this class. Gary is a great instructor and keeps it fun and fast paced.

Greg H.

I took the class Saturday 1/30/16. I personally want to thank Gary. You made 8 hours of training fun and educational. I learned a ton and enjoyed myself. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to obtain a CHL. At the end of the day, you will understand. Wish there was more time to learn from you. I will continue to recommend you and will be back to further my training. See you soon.