GunIQ’s Match Grade CHL Certificate?

GunIQ introduces its Match Grade CHL Certificate. Ohio law requires potential licensees, among other things, to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner. At GunIQ, we accomplish this by setting minimum standards that class attendees must satisfy. Our CHL courses, however, often have attendees who are more advanced than the average applicant. So, beginning with classes on March 19, GunIQ will award a special Match Grade Certificate to those who score 90% on the written test and 90% on a more advanced shooting test. (The shooting test is conducted in a way so that the normal passing standard may be passed if the Match Grade standard is not met.)

9-plateThe GunIQ Match Grade Certificate sets apart those who are more advanced shooters from those just getting started in their firearms training. While the State of Ohio will not make a distinction between the two Certificates, the Match Grade Certificate carries bragging rights, as well as certain other advantages that will be discussed during the class.

At the left is a sample target showing a Match Grade passing score at 5 yards.

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