It Isn’t the Guns

GunIQ SF mudTeach others this. It isn’t about the guns. Guns are tools. There’s nothing particularly special about guns themselves. Even the Second Amendment isn’t about guns; it’s about the people and their right to keep and bear guns in the interest of freedom. Read the Second Amendment carefully. The idea of bearing guns as a right is an example of American exceptionalism. The US is unique in its treatment of the right.

This right has nothing to do with an “addiction” to guns, as one often hears. Unlike other developed nations, the vast majority of which were settled long before the advent of guns, the United States was settled with guns. “Rifling” was only invented in the same decade that Columbus landed in America, and rifling began appearing in guns a mere 70 years before settlers landed at Jamestown in the early 17th Century. Because of this timing, guns are interwoven into the national fabric, and it is unsurprising that Americans possess so many guns. No other country has a similar symbiotic relationship with guns. Like it or don’t like it–it’s about history, not an “addiction.”

Guns demand deep respect, in at least two ways. First, as a tool, they have contributed mightily to the freedoms we enjoy. Guns were there in the beginning for us and they have been central to many of the most significant events in our history. The history of modern war is the history of the United States. Be proud, not ashamed. Second, one must respect guns because they are powerful and even a moment’s lapse can be fatal.

As a matter of respect, then, guns aren’t to be trifled with. They aren’t to be slung over a shoulder and defiantly paraded around at a political convention. They are paramount to your fundamental right of personal defense, and they are necessary for the protection of your liberties. Don’t trivialize guns. The reasons for the Second Amendment have not been diminished–guns are deeply about protecting your freedoms and the health of you and yours.

These are strange times. Keep your guns, quietly but firmly.

Live Another Day

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