Cleveland – CCW / CHL Open to All

Starting at: $95.00

GunIQ’s concealed handgun license course is an 8-hour basic pistol course that more than satisfies the Ohio training requirements for the CCW license. The course includes six hours of classroom instruction, followed by two hours of range instruction. The course is taught by Ohio’s premier firearms training company. This is simply one of the best CCW courses you’ll find anywhere. We cover safety, semi-auto pistols, revolvers, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, and Ohio law. The course concludes with the attendee participating in a two-hour live fire in which he or she will demonstrate basic competency.

$60 if you bring your own weapon and ammo
Add $25 if you want us to provide the gun and ammo (.22LR)

If you need to pay cash at the class, please select the $25 deposit option before checking out. You will only be charged $25 per class registered.


The course is taught by a retired infantry officer who is also an Ohio-licensed attorney. This is simply one of the best CCW courses you’ll find anywhere. You’ll get a big bang for your bucks.

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What to Bring
Firearm, 50 rounds of ammo, ear protection, and eye protection

Stonewall Range
100 Ken Mar Industrial Pkwy
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
(216) 990-6110

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GunIQ LLC is not affiliated with Stonewall Range

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