Cleveland – Failure to Fire Action Drill


The failure to fire action drill class focuses on training the shooter to deal rapidly with Type I (failure to fire/extract), Type II (failure to eject), and Type III (doublefeed) malfunctions. These three malfunctions account for more than 90% of all malfunctions. An intermediate shooter must be able to deal with all three without hesitation and without diagnosis. We accomplish this through teaching the shooter to rapidly apply “tap, rack, assess,” and if necessary, a rapid reload. Attendees will typically perform these drills on guns that they bring to training, as well as guns unfamiliar to the shooter (battlefield pickups).


What to Bring
Firearm, 100 rounds of ammo, ear protection, and eye protection.

Stonewall Range
100 Ken Mar Industrial Pkwy
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
(216) 990-6110

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