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Joining Friends of GunIQ (FOGIQ) is how you formally enter into our community at the highest level. It is for those who arm themselves for self-defense, who read GunIQ’s posts, engage in our discussions, or take our classes. FOGIQ is a group to be joined for the purpose of advancing, protecting, and perfecting our right of self-defense. The Gold Premier Membership is available at the present price until April 1, 2017. The cost today is $45 annually, which you lock in for life when you buy.  (On April 1, 2017, the Gold FOGIQ will increase to $55 per year).

FOGIQ provides you with a number of substantial benefits, including the GunIQ hat (or t-shirt), and especially a steep discount on our consulting services should you ever have to fire your gun in self-defense. For all of the benefits, see our blog post on FOGIG here.


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At GunIQ, we are neither liberals nor conservatives. We decide each issue on its merits and we vote for candidates on the basis of skill, character, and leadership. A non-negotiable issue for us, however, is the right of self-defense. Our analysis is simple. No one can better protect you or me than you or me.

There is little doubt that we live in an increasingly troubled world; however, the real question for each of us is what steps will we take to defend ourselves. Our options range from doing nothing and trusting that all will work out for the best, on one hand, or to completely prepare ourselves for anything that may come next. Or do something in between.

We’re also not preppers at GunIQ. We aren’t preparing for the apocalypse. But we do follow the recommendations of Homeland Security, which require substantial preparation. (See those recommendations here) In short, we believe in leading a sensible life and in arming ourselves lawfully.

?If you have taken a class with GunIQ in the last year, you will automatically be a member at the Bronze level at no charge.  If you have not taken a class, with GunIQ, you may either sign up for a class to achieve the Bronze level or sign up here for the Gold level.  See the differences between these levels at the blog here.

GunIQ is growing rapidly. The present benefits of Friends of GunIQ are posted in the blog here.  You can be sure that they will increase with time, but now is always the best time to join. This is a tremendous value. Lock in your price for life now.


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