The One Sigmas

GunIQ One SigmaThere are a multitude of ways to assert your Second Amendment rights. We might just put up a bell curve and let it represent the numbers of who loves and hates what in the world of guns. At one extreme on the curve, there’s the classic far right response represented by Charlton Heston’s “From My Cold Dead Hands” speech. Heston defiantly held a musket overhead after concluding his speech with those now famous words addressed to Mr. Gore. The result was a rousing standing ovation.

The NRA represents this first group–those out at the shallow end of the curve–today. The formula is one of “their coming for your guns,” send money. We’re not completely unreceptive, and have discussed elsewhere why the NRA has been forced to entrench. The NRA’s audience is the 5 million who’ve joined and the other 10 million who are onboard, only not enough to actually join.

At the other end of the curve, is the far left political view of the Bloomberg organizations, such as Mom’s Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety, along with those who haven’t joined but are largely sympathetic. They have at least an equal number of persons dug in at their end of the curve.

In the middle–in the middle!–are the “One Sigmas” You’re the largest group by far. You represent 68% of the of the 242 million adults in this country; that is, about 165 million Americans, and you’re largely undecided on what exactly the Second Amendment means or should mean.

You’re our audience at GunIQ (Gun1?). We receive a lot of support from those who support the NRA and that’s not surprising. We’re on the same side in many respects. We just think there’s another way to conduct the discussion. We want to convince the undecided–the One Sigmas–that you need to be prepared to protect yourself in the modern world. No ideology, no high-falutin’ ideals, just a real world need to put a hand up against moral evil. It’s not fancy; it’s not indecent. Stick with us. There’s more to come.

Defend Yourself

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